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As much as we all try to do the right thing and avoid disputes, disputes are nonetheless unavoidable. Your client deserves consideration and a fair shot at justice. Sometimes this means bringing expertise to a meeting, and sometimes this means taking an independent analysis into the courtroom. Whatever the level of "dispute," your client deserves the opportunity to present its position and seek consideration for the impacts they have incurred.

Kelly Consulting Services has built a practice of construction dispute resolution services to assist in surfacing project truths, demonstrating entitlement to claims and calculating damages sought through the process. The expertise of our practice has been applied to both claimant and defendant positions and is always founded upon the integrity of an accurate, independent analysis.

Our experience provides the accuracy and validity of our analyses. Our independence and integrity commands attention in every dispute resolution setting within which we perform. Your client deserves good representation - that's why you are involved. They also deserve an industry voice, one that can filter through the noise and get to the causal events at the heart of the dispute. That's why you should get us involved.

Take the time to look at our Expert Witness services page. You will find information about the types of clients we have served, the types of projects we have performed on and a listing of legal colleagues for which we have provided dispute resolution support.

You understand the strength of an independent analysis. Your client deserves a strong performance.

We also offer pre-dispute services, including contract review and Problem Project Solutions, that you may find helpful for your client's service needs.

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We are a client-consulting organization specializing in Project Controls, Partnering Facilitation and Dispute Resolution services for the Construction industry. Check out the types of services we provide.

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