As a contractor, you often times feel like you are at the bottom of the project food chain. It seems like everyone turns to you for performance, explanation, alternatives and resolution. You may have heard, more than once, the directive to "Just do it."

You get caught in the middle -- between project obligations and protecting your own interests. You know you can get the work done, but maybe you need some help along the way dealing with the Owner.

Kelly Consulting can give you the support you need. We have the expertise to understand your place and rights within the project process. We also understand the obligations others have to you in the process. Whether your need is scheduling and estimating, or impact analysis, or Problem Project Solutions, we can give you the support that will help you through the process. We also perform management assessments to help you determine strengths and weaknesses within internal resources and processes.

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We are a client-consulting organization specializing in Project Controls, Partnering Facilitation and Dispute Resolution services for the Construction industry. Check out the types of services we provide.

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