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America's Educational Facility Infrastructure is crumbling. Facilities built decades ago were designed with obsolete approaches to teaching and under-estimates of current student population. The useful life of many of these structures is up. Across the country Superintendents and Facility Managers are dealing with short term "fixes," stop-gap measures, temporary classrooms and shrinking budgets in order to meet their facility needs.

At the same time facility design and construction can vastly improve learning environments. Cutting edge planning can help arm students for the 21 st century workplace. Facilities designed and built in the 1950's and 60's are not equipped for current teaching practices. Educational facilities must be held to higher educational standards in the 21st century.

Many states and districts are attempting to comprehensively plan for the replacement of their outdated structures, but without proven models of assessment and replacement to follow, it is hard to know where to start. In some cases, the process has started but seems to be in need of oversight or correction. Kelly Consulting Services, LLC has the expertise to guide administrators and managers through these processes. Kelly Consulting personnel have guided districts and states throughout the process: assessing existing structures, planning Capitol Projects and renovating or constructing modern educational facilities.

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Running a school district is a demanding job. Superintendents and district staff must be capable in many fields: psychology, accounting, public relations and last but not least education. Administrators have to carefully balance performance in these areas in order to be successful. Given the wide-range of performance requirements, it seems unfair that District Administrators are the last acknowledged when efforts are successful and the first contacted when efforts are "unsuccessful."

Most District administrators are former educators and therefore are well-informed when it comes to the programmatic side of education. When asked about such things as teacher to student ratios, raising achievement scores, length of bus rides to and from school, educators all have a good answers to the issues. Unfortunately, when asked about the type, quantity and sufficiency of their facilities, educators tend to be unable to give the same strong response. With the public's attention being focused more and more upon the adequacy of facilities, district administration is under more and more pressure to give strong answers to the public's facility questions.

Kelly Consulting offers expertise in the planning and construction of your facilities. This unique blend of experience can help lead your district projects from concept and assessment through to the first day of school. We have also successfully provided resolutions to District facility construction problems, allowing administrators to focus upon the heart of their operations: education.

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Behind the scenes of district administration lies an important and mostly overlooked component of district structure upkeep: school facility managers. School facility managers are the single best source for facility information when it comes time to forecasting needs or developing annual budgets. In fact, school facility managers balance the commonly adverse factors of need and budget on a daily basis - they must prioritize the criticality of projects in order to ensure a fiscally responsible operations and maintenance budget on a yearly basis.

In many cases, the specific information that these decisions is based upon gets located in multiple file cabinets at a district office, or in some warehouse or simply within the head of the manager himself. With the need to answer critical facility questions and the ever-constant presence of putting together next year's budget, the consolidation of facility information into a single, viable database becomes essential to effective and efficient assessment of facility budgets and needs prioritization.

As a manager, are you proactive or reactive in assessing your facility's needs? Do you wait for the leak to know the roof has to be fixed? Can you anticipate reaching the end of a HVAC system's useful life? Would you like to be able to forecast possible maintenance costs one, five or even ten years into the future? Kelly Consulting can provide you with a single, centralized source of information to base facility decisions and budgets upon for years to come.

Ask yourself, as a manager, if you know the condition of all the major systems in your structures. Ask yourself if you know when these systems will extend beyond their useful life and the associated costs to replace them. Ask yourself if you have the ease to look up any piece of information at any time to base procedure and policy on. If you have a hard time answering any of these questions, then its time to explain to your District Administrators that spending a small portion of facility budget now will provide the central and instant information to avert future facility decision inadequacy and budget accuracy crises.

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