Sureties and Insurance Companies

Risk - it's what your business is all about. You assess risk and quote bonding premiums. You find out about project disputes, again assess risk and move appropriately. The accuracy of your risk assessment practice is critical to your business success.

Have subcontractors been contacting you about problems with payment? Has an Owner notified you of contractor performance dissatisfaction? Do you have a bond covering a "problem project," one that will obviously involve claims as time goes on?

Construction disputes on bonded projects can mean heavy losses for a bonding company. Sometimes the best you can do is minimize those losses. Sometimes, the losses are unavoidable and you need to recover in the aftermath. Kelly Consulting Services can provide the accurate assessment of client and project performance that you need to steer your reaction and recovery.

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We are a client-consulting organization specializing in Project Controls, Partnering Facilitation and Dispute Resolution services for the Construction industry. Check out the types of services we provide.

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