Capitol Program Planning & Management Services

As an Owner, you must decide upon undertaking the planning and construction of new and renovated facilities. Often times, this requires developing a project concept and "selling" the funding of that concept to your organization or agency. Project concepts begin with general ideas and cost estimates are given in orders of magnitude. Through time, the concepts become better defined and cost estimates become focused. At the end of the process, you should have a completed set of building plans and a cost estimate of +/-10% of the final actual project cost.

The delicate balance between concept and cost must be carefully and accurately managed. Checks and balances must be employed to ensure that the planning efforts are not wastefully expended. Someone needs to keep the efforts on track and make sure progress is made on time.

Kelly Consulting can provide the Capitol Program Planning and Management Services you need to keep your project development on track and on schedule. We can facilitate design development, estimate concept costs, develop a Capitol Program schedule and make sure services are performed to support that schedule. We can also develop presentations in support of your project funding/financing efforts.

The development of a concept is indeed a project unto itself. Just like any other, it requires management and oversight in order to ensure success. Let the Project Management professionals of Kelly Consulting be your Capitol Program Development project manager and rest assured – you'll be breaking ground on that new project before you know it.


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