Construction Phase Revision Estimating & Evaluation Services

Change orders are a typical element of the construction process. No matter how thorough the planning and design development effort, new elements may be desired for the Project, differing conditions may be encountered, or an error in the plans may be found. None of this should surprise anyone – it happens all the time.

The process for administering such changes is requesting a proposal of the Contractor, the Contractor's submission of the proposal, review and any necessary negotiation or refinement of the proposal and authorization to do the work as an addition to the contract. All too often, this process gets mired in disagreements over the proposed cost for the work. Contractors may over-price the work. Owner's may try to unreasonably negotiate a lesser cost for the work. An Architect may be a part of the proposal review process, but all too often that participation is at a summary level. These tendencies create a potential for delays to the approval of the work, which then can lead to additional complications and costs as the Project schedule gets impacted.

The solution is to provide a seamless process through accurate change order pricing and schedule impact proposals. Kelly Consulting Services's scheduling and estimating professionals have successfully provided these services for each of the Project participants.

As an Owner, or as the Architect, you are interested in accurate and reasonable Contractor proposals. Kelly Consulting Services can provide you with review services that give peace of mind regarding the reasonableness of Contractor proposals. As a Contractor, you need to put together a reasonable proposal in a prompt and concise fashion to ensure Owner approval, so that you can maintain your schedule and get the work done. Kelly Consulting Services can provide you with an accurate assessment of work cost and schedule impact, put into a clear proposal that helps to gain prompt Owner approval.

No matter what role you play in the construction process, you inevitably have to deal with change. Why let inaccuracies and ambiguity slow down the process? Let Kelly Consulting Services provide you with revision estimating and evaluation services so you can get the job done.


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