Design Phase Scheduling & Estimating Services

Once a project concept is set in motion, the Owner and Architect begin their artful dance of design development. The process moves ideas from the minds of project participants onto the plan sheets produced by the Architect. Anyone who has been involved with this process knows it can be fraught with mis-understanding and mis-direction. One common reason that this process goes awry is when concept development estimates exceed project funding. It therefore becomes critical that the Owner communicate as best as is possible all concepts desired, and that the Architect in return provide accurate estimates for the construction of those concepts.

Kelly Consulting Services's professional estimating services can ensure accurate concept estimates throughout the design development process. Part and parcel of these cost estimates is the development of concept schedules. After all, time is money too. The most accurate concept estimates provide both building costs and time-related costs in one overall number. The accuracy of that number helps to ensure Project progress.

Sometimes an Owner needs to have grand concepts scaled-down to meet a Project budget. An Architect needs to give alternatives to the Owner that may not meet all the grand Project concepts, but that will meet the Owner's needs and provide a little flair in the process. Don't let a good design development process get overshadowed by an under-estimate of Project costs. Let Kelly Consulting Services be your design development estimating and scheduling consultant.


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