Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution takes many forms and ranges from field level consideration through mediation, arbitration and court proceedings. Preparing or analyzing a position in dispute is more effective when performed by an allied, experienced resource.

Process familiarity and implementation expertise are critical to developing and presenting the argument. Kelly Consulting resources have supported construction project dispute resolution for more than twenty years.

Our analytical process can serve the project contemporaneously, or in forensic fashion after the project has matured beyond the issues. Careful reconstruction of the facts at issue, placed on a foundation of the contract requirements, then subjected to analysis of the respective positions, is our process.

Investment in this process best serves to persuade the participants in, and the arbiters of, the dispute.

Conducting discovery on large document productions, identifying the issues, combing the record for supporting information, analyzing the impacts and calculating the damages incurred are all components of our support services. We employ trial-tested techniques for presenting and proving the sufficiency of impacts and damages. We supplement effective testimony with demonstrative exhibits, employing multi-media techniques that have become more crucial to relating one's position. We manage the construction of large litigation databases and electronic records, enabling the coordination of information crucial to effective deposition questioning and the preparation of trial exhibits.

Our reports and testimony serve to elicit successful pre-trial settlements and post-trial decisions. When facing the time and cost associated with litigated claims arising from construction disputes, Kelly Consulting Services is an effective resource for the Owner, Contractor and Counsel seeking to argue or defend their contract position.


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