Pre-bid & Pre-construction Planning Services

The Project concept is nearly reality: you have a site, you have a set of drawings, and now all you need is a competent contractor and a fair price to get this job going.

We've all heard it before: you get what you pay for. Everyone has heard a horror story about a problem Project that came about because the contractor just didn't know what he was doing, he was in over his head, the job was beyond his abilities. Sure, there are legal remedies in such situations, but inevitably, despite a Contractor's liability, the Owner suffers too as a result of lost time and sub-standard performance.

Kelly Consulting Service's Project Management professionals are highly experienced in the pre-bid and pre-construction planning services that ensure contracting mechanisms are sound and the selected contractor is well qualified. We have developed Project interest among bidders, validated bidder qualifications and reviewed bids to determine responsibility and fairness in pricing. After all, even the best of contractors can prove to be a big headache for a Owner if the proposal is too low.

Don't invite a headache to the future of your Project. You need to make sure the bidders are qualified and the winning bid is sound. Let us be your vetting mechanism, the insurance that your partner on this Project, the Contractor, will deliver the product you are ready to pay him for.


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