Kelly Consulting Services experience lends a critical eye to the scope and costs of tasks in every phase of design and construction. Our professional consulting services produce results for:

Sureties and Insurance Companies

Risk - it's what your business is all about. You assess risk and quote bonding premiums. You find out about project disputes, again assess risk and move appropriately. The accuracy of your risk assessment practice is critical to your business success.

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Facility Managers

The building is yours. Maybe it is under construction, or maybe it has been up for years now but is approaching the time for renovation or system replacement.

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As a contractor, you often times feel like you are at the bottom of the project food chain. It seems like everyone turns to you for performance, explanation, alternatives and resolution. You may have heard, more than once, the directive to "Just do it."

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Construction Project Owners

The Project is yours. You have the need for the end product and you need to get to that end product successfully. With so much riding on the completion of your project, can you afford to manage the process yourself?

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Attorneys & Law Firms

As much as we all try to do the right thing and avoid disputes, disputes are nonetheless unavoidable. Your client deserves consideration and a fair shot at justice. Sometimes this means bringing expertise to a meeting, and sometimes this means taking an independent analysis into the courtroom. Whatever the level of "dispute," your client deserves the opportunity to present its position and seek consideration for the impacts they have incurred.

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Designers & Engineers

Concept, design, budget, schedule, bid, administer and closeout – as the designer/engineer, you have involvement in the project from beginning to end. With Owners trying to get more for every project dollar they spend, you may feel increasing pressure to perform in areas that take you away from your core capability of designing.

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Government Agencies

As a government agency, you depend upon the performance of private enterprise to get your jobs done. Agency protocols and other bureaucratic demands often take you away from the direct management of your projects. Can you afford to let the projects move forward without proper guidance and management?

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School Facilities

America's Educational Facility Infrastructure is crumbling. Facilities built decades ago were designed with obsolete approaches to teaching and under-estimates of current student population. The useful life of many of these structures is up. Across the country Superintendents and Facility Managers are dealing with short term "fixes," stop-gap measures, temporary classrooms and shrinking budgets in order to meet their facility needs.

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We are a client-consulting organization specializing in Project Controls, Partnering Facilitation and Dispute Resolution services for the Construction industry. Check out the types of services we provide.

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