Services are the hallmark of our business. Our familiarity with the design and construction process, our knowledge of and expertise within the project management process, and our ability to provide and convey solid, effective analysis will help you and your project succeed. Please select from the services listing below to find out more about what we can do for you.

Dispute Resolution & Expert Witness Services

Dispute resolution takes many forms and ranges from field level consideration through mediation, arbitration and court proceedings. Preparing or analyzing a position in dispute can be more effective when viewed from an experienced perspective.

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Risk Assessment Services

As a surety or bonding company, you insure someone else's performance on a Project. Personal guarantees and other forms of collateral help to cover your exposure, but you really aren't in business to have to exercise recovery of those protections on every performance bond you issue. Your business is to properly assess the risk of bonding a company's project performance and to charge a premium commensurate with that risk.

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Project Management Analysis Services

Every so often, something just doesn't seem right about a construction project: questions aren't getting answered, progress isn't being made as expected, or maybe, as the Owner, you just don't feel like you have an ally or advocate on site successfully representing your interests. In these situations, the worst you can do is leave things as is – we all know problems on a construction project can snowball rapidly, deteriorating the project into confusion, cost overruns and paralysis.

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Problem Project Solutions

Can things go wrong on a construction project? Projects seem to get fouled-up all the time. Problems can come at any time, from any direction: design, contractors, differing conditions, ineffective project management ... the list goes on and on. What began with handshakes, smiles and a vision of success can rapidly turn into a nightmare for everyone.

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Construction Phase Revision Estimating & Evaluation Services

Change orders are a typical element of the construction process. No matter how thorough the planning and design development effort, new elements may be desired for the Project, differing conditions may be encountered, or an error in the plans may be found. None of this should surprise anyone – it happens all the time.

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Contract Review Services

Construction Project Management is a continual balancing act of costs and benefits, risk assessments and performance. We all try to do the best we can to get the job done cost effectively and ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, disputes do arise on the job.

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