Contract Review Services

Construction Project Management is a continual balancing act of costs and benefits, risk assessments and performance. We all try to do the best we can to get the job done cost effectively and ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, disputes do arise on the job. The industry has evolved to prescribe contract language that sets forth processes and provisions for Owners, Architects and Contractors to follow during the course of the Project to both ensure protection and progress.

Kelly Consulting Services has vast understanding and experience in the trouble areas of construction contracting. Our background of dispute resolution services has provided an understanding of how and where Projects go wrong, get delayed, become mired in disputes. Often times, contract silence or ambiguity supports disputes instead of preventing it.

They say "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." We say that means make sure the contract is proper. Protect yourself. Let us work together with you to review the contract you face for your next Project. We can ensure the necessary provisions are suggested to short-cut the typical problems that often lead to disagreements, disputes and unwanted liability.


We are a client-consulting organization specializing in Project Controls, Partnering Facilitation and Dispute Resolution services for the Construction industry. Check out the types of clients we serve.

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