Risk Assessment Services

As a surety or bonding company, you insure someone else's performance on a Project. Personal guarantees and other forms of collateral help to cover your exposure, but you really aren't in business to have to exercise recovery of those protections on every performance bond you issue. Your business is to properly assess the risk of bonding a company's project performance and to charge a premium commensurate with that risk.

How well do you know your client? How well do you understand the job they are about to bid? Does this project take them into unfamiliar performance territory? Do they have a successful track record on past and similar projects?

Don't invite the angry call from a Project Owner ready to terminate your client and exercise your bond. Understand your risk, understand your exposure before you issue the bond. Let Kelly Consulting Services provide you with Risk Assessment Services so that you can be comfortable with the rates you charge and the exposure you incur for the bonds you issue.


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